Make a sustainable choice, leave your car at home and come by metro !

Take the metro towards BENGASI and get off at the LINGOTTO stop

Exit the metro station and walk to Horeca (approximatively 5 minutes) ! 


Make a sustainable choice, leave your car at home and come by bus !

The bus lines that reach Lingotto Fiere are the 1, 8 and 35.

Turin is served by three train stations.

 If you arrive by train at PORTA NUOVA FS and PORTA SUSA FS stations, you can take the subway towards BENGASI and in only 10 to 15 minutes you will be at the entrances ! 

Even when arriving at LINGOTTO FS, you can walk to Horeca Expoforum via the Olympic walkway (the walk is a little longer (approximatively 15 minutes) but luck and Google Maps can help you) ! 


We would like you to reach Horeca by car only if :

1) If you live in one of those small villages where the only vehicles that passes is still pulled by horses

2) You carpool with your family, friends or other visitors of Horeca Expoforum.

How to find Lingotto Fiere?

You can set « Lingotto Fiere » on your navigator or « Via Nizza, 294, Torino ».  If you arrive by the highway, take the Turin ring road and proceed to the Corso Unità d’Italia exit. The highway exit to Horeca Expoforum only takes few minutes.

Where can you park?

The nearest parking to the entrances is the E-F sector of Lingotto Parking (for a fee: €7/4h €10/day) in the Lingotto complex : for more information on sectors and costs, consult the Lingotto Parking website.

Once you have parked your car, you need to cross the Lingotto mall and exit onto the Lingotto Fiere forecourt, where you will find the entrances.

There are also several free surface parking lots (the nearest is located on the Via Nizza, immediately after Lingotto Fiere : otherwise you can park at Palavela - 10’ walk)