Horeca Expoforum

Horeca Expoforum is organized by GL events Italia, one of more than 50 venues distributed worldwide by GL events, a world leader in the events industry. In the vast world of Food&Beverage, the company is world-famous for Sirha Lyon, an event that has anticipated and supported major trends in the restaurant and food industry. The 21st edition in 2023 brought together nearly 210.000 professionals, affirming its position as the world's largest food service event and its economic power for the entire industry. By highlighting the strong dynamism of professionals and their innovations, Sirha Lyon paves the way for an ever-evolving industry with major international, ecological and technological challenges.

Bocuse d'Or


It is because France and the city of Lyon represent the center of expression for all the world's cuisines that Paul Bocuse envisioned in 1987, during a fair that has since become the Sirha Lyon, a world competition.

Today, the Bocuse d'Or is more than just a gastronomic competition; it is a laboratory of excellence and an incubator of talent where commitment, passion, technique and creativity determine the greatest chefs of tomorrow.

For 35 years, it has been an unrivaled international event that inspires the gastronomic world by highlighting the latest trends in world cuisine, stimulated with each edition by new generations of chefs. It is also the preferred venue for many countries to promote their cuisine, their local products and their chefs.

Envisioned in collaboration with the Bocuse d'Or Winners association, the award is in line with a social and environmental responsibility approach. It aims to reward teams' social commitment to actions such as food aid and combating waste.