Wine & Beer

• Labels
• Glasses
• Craft beers
• Red & white wines


Pizza made Italy famous in the whole world and it's all about the ingredients.

• Special flours
• Pasta and rice
• Ready-made gastronomy
• Cheese and dairy products
• Meats and cold cuts
• Vegetable preserves
• Fruit and vegetables



Pastry makes the difference at bar and restaurant.

  • Yeast
  • Sugar
  • Special flours
  • Frozen pastries
  • Fresh pastries
  • Dry pastries
  • Chocolates


In the city that invented the expresso, you can not miss a whole area dedicated to coffee.

  • Accessories
  • Coffee and blends
  • Machines
  • Cups


Technology and innovation for the best results.

  • Large installations and equipments
  • Supplies for hotels
  • Grills, pans, crockery
  • Sanitising products and maintenance


The last frontier in the world of cocktails is called mixology and has transformed the practice of mixing drinks into a true art that borders on alchemy.

  • Waters and beverages
  • Liquors and wine spirits
  • Glasses and ice


A company, in addition to the products it sells, is made up of the environment and atmosphere that brings life to the customer.

  • Counters
  • Shop windows
  • Furnishings
  • Lighting
  • Graphic media
  • Packaging